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Media Arts

Media Arts is a cross-disciplinary program that reflects the rise of new imaging technologies in contemporary art and their cultural impact. It focuses on artistic practice that is driven by ideas, supported by a versatile skill set, and grounded in digital technologies, with an openness to integrating traditional arts and older technologies with new media. The major is designed to meet the needs of art students in the 21st century, focusing on the use of digital technology as a sophisticated art making tool within a broad, cross-disciplinary context. Central to the program is the interdepartmental cooperation and collaboration within the Hartford Art School, exploring new media and traditional art disciplines “from crayons to computer code.” We look for non-traditional art students who can experiment with moving between genres, and disciplines that reflect contemporary international art practice. Students are encouraged to participate in inter-collegiate collaborations, especially with The Hartt School Departments of Composition and Dance, the College of Engineering, Technology and Architecture, and the Cinema Department in the College of Arts and Sciences.

The program integrates offerings in studio art practice and critical studies in the Media Arts, Sculpture, Photography and Visual Communication Design Departments. This results in a spectrum of projects in video, digital imaging, installation, performance art, computer programming, interactivity and web art. Media Arts provides students with a critical and historical knowledge of the field, and technical proficiency in a number of areas, providing them with a diverse skill set. It encourages them to define new artistic directions for themselves and for the field in general.