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The Sculpture Department recognizes and fosters the broad diversity of styles, techniques, and independent conceptual visions that define the field of contemporary sculpture.

The goal of the program is to provide sound instruction in a wide range of approaches to sculpture production. We strive to achieve a solid grounding in the art of sculpture and prepare the student for a variety of post-grad opportunities, such as employment in related fields or continuation toward advanced degrees.

The department primarily focuses on developing work that is broadly based, both in concept and execution. The curriculum promotes independent exploration. Within this framework, the student is taught to develop a strong personal voice, whether that is achieved through progressive interdisciplinary pursuits or the more traditional means of sculpture making.

Beyond the introductory sculpture courses, intermediate and advanced-level course offerings, such as Site-Speciļ¬c Installation, Art in Public Spaces, Non-Traditional Figure in Context, Bronze Casting, Hot Glass Fabrication and Independent Studio Projects, all serve to develop advanced conceptual skills as well as aesthetic and technical proficiency. The department further encourages those ends by supporting exploration within other related disciplines, such as those taught in Media Arts, Ceramics and other areas of the Hartford Art School.